1. Methods of payment

The customer will choose to pay his purchases through the following methods:

1.1 Bank transfer
– The transfer must be done through one of these accounts:

Bank: BPI
Account nº:  1-2415197-000-001
IBAN:  PT50 0010 0000 2415 1970 0017 1

Note: When using bank transfer, indicate the order number whenever possible.
After making the bank transfer, you should send the copy of the proof by e-mail to coimpack@coimpack.pt indicating the order number.

1.2 Paypal

PayPal is an online money transaction system. It is an innovative medium that is increasingly used to send and receive payments thanks to an e-mail address, without having to communicate your credit card data in the course of your transactions, from anywhere in the world, regardless of country or currency of origin of your country.

Main advantages:

- Fast: Payments are almost instantaneous.
- Easy to use: registration is fast and you only need an email address.
- Insurance: Security is one of the main concerns of PayPal, and the rate of scams regarding this system is one of the lowest in the world (0.3%).

How it works:

Once you have opened a PayPal account, you can make payments for your purchases using your email address, your password, the vendor's email address, the amount of your payment, as well as the currency of the transaction .
PayPal serves as intermediary between you and the company and the debit and credit operations are almost instantaneous in PayPal accounts.
You can then check the success of the transaction by consulting your PayPal account.
Your bank details are never transmitted during your transactions, either to the company or to any other person.

The buyer can not be held responsible for unauthorized purchases made from your account if you report an eligible incident within 60 days. That is, PayPal can refund your money if someone steals your account information and misuses it.

If the item is not delivered to you or does not match the original description, and if you meet the requirements, we may return the purchase amount in full.

(This form of payment applies to users who have a PayPal account. If you do not have one, you can register and you will be able to purchase our products with this service)

PLEASE NOTE: By choosing this payment method, you will pay an additional fee of 3%

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