Box Coffee Vinaccia  Cantinetta for 2 Bottles – Bottle Boxes – Coimpack Embalagens, Lda
Box Coffee Vinaccia  Cantinetta for 2 Bottles – Bottle Boxes – Coimpack Embalagens, Lda

Box Coffee Vinaccia Cantinetta for 2 Bottles

Box Coffee Vinaccia Cantinetta for 2 Bottles with mesure 340x185x90mm


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Wine bottle boxes, often known as "wine boxes" or "wine cases", serve several important functions in the wine industry. Here are some of the main purposes of these boxes:

Wine Protection:

- Wine boxes are designed to protect bottles during transportation and storage. The robust material of the boxes prevents the bottles from breaking or being damaged during handling.

Thermal insulation:

- Some wine boxes have thermal insulation properties. This is especially important for temperature-sensitive wines. Insulation helps maintain a stable temperature during transport, protecting the wine from extreme variations that could harm its quality.

Ease of Handling:

- Boxes are often designed to make handling easier. They can have ergonomic handles, convenient openings and internal dividers to prevent bottles from bumping into each other.

Presentation and Gift:

- Some wine boxes are designed for aesthetic and presentation purposes. They are used as gift packaging, often featuring stylish designs and high-quality materials, making them a popular option for gifting bottles of wine.


- Wine boxes can also be used to store bottles at home or in specialized storage locations. They help keep bottles organized and protected from light and dust.


- Some boxes are designed with ecological materials, contributing to more sustainable practices. These boxes are often recyclable and can be considered a more environmentally friendly option than some traditional packaging.

In short, wine bottle boxes play a vital role in preserving and presenting wines, ensuring they reach the end consumer in ideal conditions. Furthermore, they also have an aesthetic appeal and are often used to gift or store wine in an organized and safe way.


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